After nearly losing his life, Phoenix Police Officer returns to duty

The Phoenix Police Department on Tuesday celebrated the return from patrol of an officer who nearly died after a head-on collision with a drunk driver a year ago.

Officer Chase McCance returned to full work after months of physical therapy and weeks in a hospital that he spent recovering from the injuries he sustained in the January 1, 2021 accident near Cactus Road and 28th Street.

He’d been on light duty since the summer, but he set himself the goal of getting back on the streets.

“Welcome back Chase, we are very proud of you,” the Phoenix Police Department wrote in a social media post.

McCance was driving west around 6 a.m. when a driver from the opposite direction approached him. He had no time to avoid the collision.

“I don’t remember most of the first two days in the hospital,” McCance said in a posted video of a summer visit to his compound.

“But listening to everyone speak, there was a good five or six hour period right at the beginning where I was bleeding internally. They did not know what was happening. And at the end of the day, my wife signed a piece of paper that said, “Come in, open it, find what’s wrong, and save it.”

McCance was released from the hospital last February. By July, he was strong enough to visit his station. His colleagues presented him with a license plate showing the license plate and keys of the patrol unit he was driving on the day of the accident.


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