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After Notre-Dame, the government launches "Chantiers de France"

Three days after the tragedy, everything remains to be done for Notre Dame. The firefighters are just starting to secure the premises and the magnitude of the task is revealed under the ashes. The government remains confident about the five-year period announced by Emmanuel Macron for the reconstruction. " We have the skills and the know-how "Said Minister of Culture Franck Riester.

Labor already occupied by other projects

It is impossible for now to know how many stonecutters, carpenters, masons, roofers, organ builders and various craftsmen will be needed to revive the Parisian cathedral. But one thing is certain, there are many who want to help. In addition to donations that continue to flow, French artisans are mobilizing to know how to participate in the titanic works that are announced.

Can we rebuild Notre-Dame de Paris in five years?

Problem: we should not stop the many works in progress across France to focus solely on Notre Dame de Paris. " France has the skills but they are already busy on other sites "Slip into the Ministry of Labor. A reality confirmed by Jean-Claude Bellanger, general secretary of the companions of duty. In The cross, he estimated that at least 500 professionals were lacking to carry out the reconstruction of Notre-Dame de Paris without penalizing the other activities in progress on the territory.

Revalorize "sidings"

To fulfill the objective, the government thus launched Thursday, April 18 the first bases of "Chantiers de France". An operation with contours for the moment still unclear, but who intends to take advantage of the momentum around Notre-Dame to guide young people to the arts and vocational training. " We will be able to transform the work of the cathedral into a "schoolyard" "Considers Patrick Liébus, president of the Confederation of Crafts and Small Business Building.

" Since the fire, many apprentices and artisans have come forwardsays Bernard Stalter, president of the Chambers of Crafts and Crafts. It is important to transmit our know-how, while these trades have been considered as sidings for too long. "

"Chantiers de France" for the whole territory

And no question that only the cathedral in Paris benefits. " Chantiers de France will concern the renovation of heritage throughout the countryconfirmed Labor Minister Muriel Pénicaud. We are working to increase the training offer and thousands of young people and apprentices will be mobilized, in Notre-Dame but also elsewhere. "

Notre-Dame de Paris, an "ephemeral cathedral" envisaged on the square

If his colleague in education, Jean-Michel Blanquer, refused to quantify the number of places, he indicated the creation of a professional campus on crafts in the former stables of the Palace of Versailles, as well as a project around the Gobelins factory. Announcements that were about to be made before the fire, as part of the reform of vocational high schools.



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