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After plane crash in Indonesia: investigators have a concrete suspicion

Shortly after taking off from the airport in Jakarta, an Indonesian passenger plane crashed into the sea. More than 180 people were on board – the news ticker.

  • Shortly after the start in Jakarta, a Boeing 737 of Lion Air crashed into the sea.
  • At least 181 passengers and eight crew members were aboard JT610.
  • All 189 inmates are probably dead – first body parts salvaged.
  • On Thursday, a black box was salvaged.
  • The investigators have found a possible cause of the crash.

+++ UPDATE +++

Update from November 7, 2018, 4:53 pm: The Boeing 737 MAX, crashed off Indonesia about a week ago, apparently had technical problems with a sensor. The Indonesian air safety authority had come to the conclusion that the crashed Lion Air machine received faulty data from one of their AOA sensors, Boeing said on Wednesday. According to the Indonesian investigators, the plane had technical problems with gauges on its last four flights.

The AOA sensors provide data on the angle at which the wind sweeps over the wings and how much lift an aircraft receives. These data can be crucial to prevent airflow tearing off the wings.

Boeing made recommendations to users of its machines on Wednesday for then case that AOA sensors provide erroneous data. Meanwhile, the Indonesian air safety authority said that the machine had instrumental problems on its last four flights, including the accident flight. In one case, both the AOA sensor and the speedometer were affected.

Government chief Soerjanto Tjahjono said that on the last flight of the aircraft before the crash, the data provided by the AOA sensors for the left and right side of the aircraft indicated a 20 degree difference. Nevertheless, the pilot could safely land in the case. On the basis of this incident, the Boeing authorities have made recommendations on how pilots can react in such a case.

The defective sensor was removed after this flight and should be sent to the aircraft manufacturer for analysis in the United States, said Soerjanto. In addition, it should be checked in the flight simulator, which consequences defective AOA sensors can have on flights.

News from 03. November 2018: Taucher dies in search of victims

11.30 am: In the search for victims and wreckage of the crashed passenger aircraft off the coast of Indonesia, a diver has died. The man was found unconscious in the sea and later declared dead at the hospital, Bayu Wardoyo, head of the rescue operation, said Saturday. According to a naval officer, a sudden drop in pressure in the diver's breathing bottle could have led to the accident on Friday.

The divers had recovered on Friday the destroyed landing gear of the Boeing 737 from the water. Already on Thursday, the so-called Flight Data Recorder (FDR) was found, which records the flight data. After the voice recorder, which records the discussions in the cockpit, was still looking for.

News of November 01, 2018: Boeing 737 crashed in Jakarta

10.45 am: Meanwhile, more details about the black box are known: The parts of the so-called black box were pulled about 15 kilometers away from the coast by divers out of the water. The crash of the Boeing 737 low-cost carrier Lion Air were on Monday all 181 passengers and 8 crew members killed. The machine had lost a few minutes after takeoff in the capital Jakarta dramatically in height and fell into the sea. It is suspected that technical problems were the cause. The day before, there had been trouble with the instrument display in the cockpit on another flight in the plane. From the flight recorders, the investigators hope now information about the disaster. The wreck lies about 30 meters deep on the seabed.

Investigators amidst the debris and items recovered from the sea after the crash.


6.23 clock: After the plane crash in Indonesia with 189 dead a first flight recorder of the crashed machine has been recovered. "We have found one of the black boxes," said the head of the National Road Safety Committee, Soerjanto Tjahjono, on Thursday news agency AFP. It was initially unclear which of the two flight scripts it was.

Crash in Indonesia – These were the news from Wednesday

12:39: How did the terrible plane crash in Indonesia come about? Investigators put everything on the flight recorder in the Enlightenment. Now forces have apparently located the first ping signals from the black boxes.

9.35 am: Indonesia plans to put the low-cost airlines of the country to the test. This announced the government in Jakarta on Wednesday. The crashed aircraft – a Boeing 737 MAX 8 – belonged to Indonesia's largest low-cost airline Lion Air. It is estimated that the accident is due to technical problems. The chief of technology of the airline has been dismissed.

News of October 30: Plane crash in Indonesia: a mistake in technology

7:00 am: The crashed Indonesian passenger aircraft of the airline Lion Air, there have been problems with the instrument display in the cockpit on a previous flight. According to information from the British broadcaster BBC and the accident researchers website Aviation Safety transmitted the technology of the Boeing 737 in a flight on Sunday incorrect data on altitude and speed.

The chief executive of Lion Air, Edward Sirait, confirmed to the German press agency on Tuesday that there had been such difficulties with the display in the cockpit. "But the problems were solved overnight. Let us await the investigation. "Following the crash with probably 189 dead on Monday, the Indonesian air traffic control authority KNKT is now investigating.

The BBC and Aviation Safety quoted from an internal report on a flight with the plane on Sunday from Bali in Indonesia's capital Jakarta. It said: "Airspeed unreliable and mismatched altitude after takeoff." According to Aviation Safety, there were similar problems with the flight on Monday.

Plane crash in Indonesia: News from October 29, 2018

19.00 clock: In an earlier version of this article was read in the headline, the now crashed machine of Lion Air was on a "black list" of the EU stood. That is not correct. As correctly described in the entry of 13:51 (see below), it was the airline that was on a "blacklist" of the European Union until 2016. We regret the mistake in the headline.

Plane crash in Indonesia – Lion Air was once on the "black list"

13:51: The EU Commission has removed the blacklisted airline Lion Air 2016 from airlines that are banned from operating in the EU. This decision was made on the basis of an expert analysis, said a spokesman now. The agency regularly reviews airline safety standards and issues bans or restrictions. In June 2016, the EU Commission even lifted the ban for all Indonesian airlines.

The machine should have crashed near this platform.

© Handout / National Disaster Mitigation Agency / AFP

However, the spokesman said on Monday, Lion Air fly to EU airports anyway not on schedule. It was too early to conclude on the cause of the crash of the Lion Air plane. First, the results of the investigation would have to be awaited and analyzed.

Body parts found after crash of Indonesian passenger machine

11:13: Rescue workers have already recovered body parts from inmates of the downed Lion Air aircraft, AFP reports.

Probably 189 dead in plane crash in Indonesia

9.45 am: According to the latest information from the Indonesian Road Safety Authority, all 189 inmates were killed in the crash of the Lions Air passenger aircraft JT610. The Department of Transportation had initially spoken of 188 inmates. On board the plane were 178 adult passengers, one child, two babies, two pilots and six flight attendants.

Plane crash in Indonesia: JT610 had problems before the start

8:11: According to the latest news, the crash of flight JT610 is apparently due to a technical problem. The chief executive of the airline, Edward Sirait, reported Monday that the pilot of the Boeing 737 had requested permission to return to Jakarta airport shortly after take-off – but that did not happen anymore. The machine crashed into the sea.

"Our pilot acted according to regulations," said the head of the airline. "When he saw that there was a problem, he asked to return to the base. But we know how it ended. "Sirait confirmed that the machine had previously had a technical problem. However, this had been fixed before the flight on Monday. He did not name details.

7.36 am: Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, spokesman for the National Civil Protection Agency, tweeted pictures of the crash site and a short video.

7:08: Rescue teams are still in action – and they have a shocking picture. On the water surface, a large carpet of remnants has formed from the aircraft. Photos of the scene show travelers' personal belongings, wreckage, fuel, life jackets and corpses. There is still no information as to whether there are any survivors – but the sad truth is: the likelihood is minimal that anyone could have survived this crash. The wreck is supposed to be about 35 meters deep.

6:44: A video posted by a Twitter user shows the JT610 flight route. After starting in Jakarta, the aircraft turned towards the sea and flew over it along the coast – but shortly after the flight ends.

Plane crash in Indonesia: JT610 of Lion Air crashes into the sea – hope for survivors low

6.26 clock: The hope of finding survivors is low. An ambulance spokesman, Muhammad Syaugii, said, "We've discovered lifejackets, cell phones, and aircraft parts." It's estimated that the wreck lies at a depth of about 35 meters in the sea. National Civil Protection Authority spokesman Sutopo Purwo Nugroho also posted his first pictures of the site on his Twitter account. On the water, a larger jet fuel carpet can be seen.

Cheap airliners crash into Indonesia in the sea – pictures of the crash site

According to the rescue services flight JT-610 was last located at Karawang in West Java. There was also the radio contact with the aircraft canceled. About the cause of the crash is still puzzling. The machine was quite new. According to experts, the Boeing model 737 MAX 8 has only been in operation since 2016.

Lion Air is the largest budget airline in the island nation of Indonesia with more than 250 million inhabitants. Founded in 1999, the company uses modern jets made by Boeing and Airbus and mainly serves destinations within the country. According to the airline, the fleet currently comprises 112 aircraft.

In 2013 another Lion Air Boeing 737, with more than 100 people on board, crashed into the sea during its approach to the Indonesian holiday island of Bali. The plane practically broke apart. At that time, however, there were no casualties.

Probably more than 180 dead after plane crash in Indonesia

5:18 pm: The crash of an Indonesian passenger plane probably killed more than 180 people on Monday. The Boeing 737 of low-cost airline Lion Air crashed on Monday a few minutes after take-off from the airport of the capital Jakarta initially unexplained cause into the sea. She was on her way to the neighboring island of Bangka. According to information from the national disaster control authority, at least 181 passengers and seven crew members were on board.

The Boeing 737 MAX 8 was launched at 06:20 local time (00:20 CET) in Jakarta. An hour later she was expected at the airport of Pangkal Pinang, the largest city of the neighboring island of Bangka. The machine disappeared, according to the airspace monitoring, but 13 minutes after taking off the radar screens. After a short search, the first debris was discovered in the sea, about 70 kilometers from Jakarta.

Jakarta / Indonesia: Engine crashed by Lion Air shortly after the launch into the sea – The first message

Jakarta – In Indonesia, a passenger aircraft of the low-cost airline Lion Air crashed with 188 people on board. The Boeing 737 crashed into the sea shortly after take-off in the Indonesian capital Jakarta, the Indonesian rescue services said on Monday. It was initially unclear whether people survived the crash.

"The plane crashed in 30 to 40 meters deep water," said a spokesman for the agency AFP. "We are still looking for the remains of the aircraft."

The plane was supposed to fly from Jakarta to Pangkal Pinang on the island of Bangka. Contact with the aircraft broke off about 13 minutes after launch, according to the Department of Civil Aviation Directorate General of the Indonesian Ministry of Transport. Accordingly, the crew had initially announced to want to return to the airport. Then the machine was gone from the radar.

According to the authorities, there were 178 adult passengers, one child, two babies, two pilots and five flight attendants aboard the aircraft.

Airplanes are an important means of transport in the island state of Indonesia. Again and again it comes to aircraft accidents. The budget airline Lion Air was repeatedly involved in accidents.



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