After Queen’s funeral. Trump makes Switzerland a “third world country”.

The former US President is known for statements that are well received.


Former US President Donald Trump makes fun of his successor Joe Biden. He finds few flattering words for Switzerland.

During the Queen’s funeral service, Joe Biden and his wife sat in the 20th row in Westminster Abbey, right next to Swiss President Ignazio Cassis. The reason for this is the royal protocol. According to The Telegraph, heads of state from Commonwealth countries are more important than those from the rest of the world. Even heads of state from the smaller Commonwealth countries enjoy this privilege. In addition, international royals were also placed higher up.

This is an insult to former US President Donald Trump. Biden has the opportunity there to meet the presidents of third world countries, Trump continues to write on Truth Social. “If I were still the president, they wouldn’t have put me back there.”

The US correspondent of Swiss television Viviane Manz asked Ignazio Cassis on Twitter: Should we take this personally? And another user writes, for example: “Trump did not appear uninvited.”

According to a report by “20 minutes”, a statement by Ignazio Cassis is still open.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump’s post has caused a lot of ridicule online. «Switzerland a third world country. So much honor from Trump is nothing to sneeze at,” writes one user. “Well, he wasn’t invited,” reads another comment. Most users agree: “He would not even have been invited.”