After riots: Hansa leadership criticized the police

The 2-0 defeat of FC Hansa against Schalke was accompanied by violent riots in which pyrotechnics and stones were thrown, four emergency services were slightly injured and a police car caught fire. Hansa distanced itself from the riots on request on Sunday, but at the same time criticized the police and accused them of “wrongdoing”.


The club invited the security authorities to a joint evaluation that night to discuss and analyze the events internally, according to a written statement from the second division team: “This also includes your own potential for improvement and your own Reflect on wrongdoing. A race for the fastest statement – without having obtained an overall picture beforehand – is certainly anything but useful for the reappraisal. “However, it is” completely undisputed that stone throwing and burning cars represent border crossings from which one has to distance oneself “, announced the association further.

The police had previously issued a notice, Interior Minister Torsten Renz had also commented. “Injured emergency services and burning police vehicles no longer have anything to do with fan culture. They are not fans, they are criminals who discredit sport-loving and peace-loving football fans. Even if the police are responsible outside the stadium, I expect the club and the fan representatives to clearly distance themselves from these actions (…) and also to check appropriate sanctions for the upcoming games, ”said the CDU politician.

In pictures: Hansa Rostock – FC Schalke 04

The Hansa fans stripped their bodies shortly before kick-off. At halftime they put their shirts back on.


More than ten criminal charges were filed during the riots, among other things for breach of the peace, use of symbols of unconstitutional organizations, robbery, extortion by robbery, bodily harm, property damage and possession of narcotics. Around 1200 police officers were deployed.

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By noon, a total of around 300 Hansa and Schalke supporters had fought in Warnemünde. The Schalke supporters had to provide their personal details and travel home to Gelsenkirchen. The police had already gone out in the morning to separate fan groups from one another. In the district of Dierkow, officials followed 20 vehicles with Hansa and Schalke supporters who, according to the police, wanted to meet for clashes. Shortly before the end of the game, stones were thrown at policemen behind the stadium’s south stand.