After Searching 3 Locations in Jayapura, KPK Finds New Evidence in the Case of Lukas Enembe – Eradication Commission Corruption (KPK) has flown to Papua to check on Governor Lukas Enembe. Lukas was named a suspect in bribery and gratification of infrastructure projects in Papua.

The KPK claims to have found new evidence related to the case after investigators searched three locations in Jayapura, Papua. The three locations are the residence of the parties involved in the case and two private company offices.

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“Friday (4/112022), the KPK investigation team has also completed searching 3 locations in Jayapura City, namely the residence of the party related to the case and two private company offices,” said KPK News Head Ali Fikri in his statement, Saturday (5/11).

Ali said that the evidence would be the completeness of the case file by first being analyzed and confiscated by the investigative team.

“From that location, various documents and electronic evidence were found and secured which are suspected to be related to proving this case,” said Ali.

Previously, on Thursday, November 3, 2022, KPK Chairman Firli Bahuri came to Papua to meet Lukas Enembe at his residence. Together with Firli, the KPK investigators and doctors and a team of doctors from the Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI) also participated.

They checked the health of Lukas Enembe, who was absent from time to time citing illness. The investigation team also asked Lukas Enemebe for information. The inspection took less than two hours.

Firli’s act of meeting Luke has drawn criticism. IM57+ Institute which consists of former KPK employees who were removed through the national insight test (TWK) considers Firli’s attitude to be a breath of fresh air for corruptors.

According to the Chairman of IM57+ Institute Praswad Nugraha, it is not impossible that other corruptors will try to approach Firli in various ways.

Praswad considered that Firli should not act in this way with Lukas Enembe, who is often absent from summons for questioning as a suspect. According to Praswad, Firli’s attitude has hurt the community’s sense of justice.

Praswad questioned behind the preferential treatment that Firli showed to Lukas. Moreover, according to Praswad, not everyone can feel the warmth of Firli’s attitude which is actually aimed at the suspect corruption.

However, the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) claims that the preferential treatment shown by KPK Chairman Firli Bahuri is in accordance with statutory regulations. The KPK said Firli Bahuri had carried out his main duties and functions as a leader.

Moreover, Ali said, the meeting between the KPK leadership and Lukas Enembe was not held behind closed doors. “The activity is carried out in an open place and can be witnessed directly by various parties and even then published to the public,” said Ali.

Ali said that Firli Bahuri and his team of investigators came to Lukas Enembe’s residence in Papua in order to check his health and ask for information on Lukas Enembe.

According to Ali, this activity is in accordance with Article 113 of the Criminal Procedure Code which states ‘If a suspect or witness who is summoned gives a proper and reasonable reason that he cannot come to the investigator conducting the examination, the investigator shall come to his residence.’

Reporter: Fachrur Rozie

Source: [lia]

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