After several failed attempts to execute him, an American prisoner is suing the Alabama authorities for failing to inject him with a lethal injection.

Exclusive translation An American prisoner named “Alan Miller” in Alabama was subjected to a lethal injection on September 22 last while he was being executed, but he survived and suffered from major health problems, according to the newspaper “Daily Mail”.

The 57-year-old prisoner caused a major controversy in the United States, and his incident caused a reconsideration of the methods of execution used.

The competent authorities failed to implement the provisions in determining the vein that was injected with the lethal injection, which led to the prisoner being seriously injured.

The prisoner decided to sue officials in the state of Alabama for the physical abuse he was subjected to due to the error in injecting him with the lethal injection.

As a result, the US state of Alabama announced its readiness to adopt a new method of execution that has not been tried before in America or the world called “nitrogen execution.” Oxygen is replaced with nitrogen, and death occurs within seconds by forcing the inmate to breathe nitrogen in a room designated to lose consciousness and then quickly lose his life. After depriving him of the oxygen needed to maintain bodily functions.

Alabama is the third state to apply this method after the state attorney general authorized it to execute prisoners awaiting execution, stressing that the final decision on the method of execution is left to corrections officials and sentencing centers.