After several months of shutdown, 109 de Montluçon is ready for a new concert season

Like all current music scenes in France, 109, in Montluçon, is impatiently awaiting the launch of its new season which will take place in the fall after a 2019-2020 season which ended before time because of the Covid-19 epidemic and containment.

A season between reprogramming and new products

A good part of the artists or groups who had not been able to play at Montluçon could be rescheduled from October. They have found their place in the 2020-2021 programming alongside new proposals.

“The launch will take place on September 26 at the pier with Émergence. This event aims to broadcast groups from the greater Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. These are very, very good bands, some of which are no longer amateurs. Then we start programming the year with Eiffel, Friday October 2. “

Pascal Favier (Director and programmer of 109)

Under what conditions will the public be welcomed?

But the central question for the musical structure is: under what conditions will it be able to welcome the public? Proposing almost only concerts with a standing audience, and the sanitary rules requiring that each spectator has a space of 4 m2, the 109 will not be able to accommodate more than twelve people in Le Guingois, thirty in the Pier and 90 in the large room of the MJC. Not to mention the constraints around the bar and toilets.

Les Ogres de Barback. Photo David Desreumaux

The Barback Ogres are scheduled for December 10 in the main hall of the MJC. If they have to play in front of 90 people, with a production cost of around 15,000 euros, economically it is a ruin. In addition it is not interesting for artists and it causes a lot of frustration among people who could not come because of this gauge.

After a shortened 2019-2020 season, the Athanor center in Montluçon is preparing to reopen

A relaxation of the health protocol hoped for by professionals

Like all programmers and more generally the music industry, Pascal Favier hopes announcements before mid-July softening the health protocol at the start of the school year while retaining some safety rules.

“Normally, in a room, there are three people per square meter. This is what makes the interest of concerts is that people are close to each other. There is a stake for the whole musical sector and for the rooms ”, worries the programmer who also wonders if the public will be willing to return to see indoor concerts from the start of the school year.

Information and reservations for the 2020-2021 season on

New electro studio. From Wednesday 4 to Saturday 7 November, the 109 will offer highlights around electronic music. This four-day event will be the opportunity to inaugurate its third studio (on the premises of the MJC like the two rehearsal studios), dedicated to electronic music.

Florence Farina


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