“After she was chanting death to America…death to the Jews”… Learn about the story of the marriage of the Houthi spokeswoman to a Jew in New York!

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The researcher and political analyst, Ahmed Al-Faraj, revealed the details of a funny situation that caused the marriage of the spokeswoman for the Iranian Houthi militia in America, Atyaf Al-Wazir, to her Jewish husband.

Ahmed Al-Farraj, through his personal account on Twitter, sarcastically: “Ms. Atyaf Al-Wazir, the spokeswoman for the Houthi organization in America, was screaming in New York City: Death to America, death to Israel and the Jews.”

Al-Farraj added, “This happened by the passing of a Jewish man who speaks Arabic, his name is Benjamin, and he thought that she was saying, ‘I die with the Jews,’ so he approached and got to know her.