After the appeal – Crimean gold is handed over to Ukraine

The gold treasure is part of the exhibition “Gold and secrets from the Black Sea” and was lent to the Netherlands from the Crimean peninsula in 2014 – months before the area was annexed by Russia.

In total, there are almost 600 objects that are up to 2000 years old and have their origins in the Scythian nomadic people who lived in the area.

Appealed by the Crimea

Tuesday’s decision to hand over the items to Ukraine has been preceded by several lawsuits to determine who the items can be handed over to. Already 2016 It was decided that the objects would not be returned to the Crimea – a decision that was appealed by seven museums on the Crimean peninsula.

“Although the museum objects originally come from Crimea and can thus be considered part of the Crimean heritage, they are part of a cultural heritage belonging to the Ukrainian state, which has existed as an independent state since 1991,” said Judge Pauline Hofmeijer-Rutten. to the news agency AFP.