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After the challenge of the ten years .. Warning of the malicious plan Facebook

After the spread of the "ten-year challenge" that has recently engulfed social media, some theories have suggested that this challenge is driven by Facebook for unspeakable purposes.

Users of social networking sites have been in a state of nostalgia and obsession, after a new challenge has emerged in which everyone publishes their current image and image 10 years ago.

The challenge, which has attracted millions of users, has also attracted a number of celebrities, with the likes of American singer Janet Jackson, actress Jesse Capriel and Manchester United player Paul Pogpa.

But technology expert Kate O'Neill has recently pointed out that the challenge is a "malicious way" from Facebook to gather as much information and images on the evolution of the world's population as possible in 10 years.

According to O'Neill's theory, these data will be combined to form a "face recognition" rule that could be used to collect information about users and then gain material benefit from them in partnership with advertising companies.

Advertisers may use format data to market their products according to consumers' shapes and ages, which Facebook may derive from it.

Facebook can also sell data to health insurance companies that you may use to assess the age of people, and may decide whether or not to insure people.

Though all these ideas are mere theories, they are worth pondering, especially with Facebook's history of scandals collecting information about users without their permission, or even their knowledge.



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