After the death of Haitham Zaki .. Tips from a doctor to deal with the symptoms of heart stroke


Dr. Mohamed El Sebai, one of the officials of the medical page "Doctors of Egypt", provided a number of medical information to know the pain associated with heart stroke, which leads to sudden death, especially after the death of the young artist Haitham Ahmed Zaki, in the early hours of Thursday morning.

He stressed, in a post on the page "Doctors of Egypt" on the site "Facebook", that there are a number of symptoms in the event of feeling it must go to the nearest emergency, including any pain in the middle of the chest and the pain in the form of less or soreness or burning in the The area of ​​the chest, and attached the page tips and a picture of the places of pain, indicating that the pain is accompanied by sweat or fading.

Added that The emergency doctor examines and evaluates the condition and extent Severity It performs an ECG if necessary to rule out the presence of any heart failure or arteries deep vein thrombosis Stressing the need to take 4 tablets aspirin children And chew it While going to the emergency.

He said most patients regarded the pain as acidity or stomach burning And they shall Taking effervescent, stomach, or analgesic drugs, they die a few minutes later.

He appealed to anyone suffering from this pain or a patient suffering from diabetes or high blood pressure or high blood lipids and elderly patients and young smokers or a patient with a family history of heart or brain arteries the parties Or a patient with a family history of sudden death of unknown cause or a patient with pain in the upper abdomen accompanied by profuse sweat or low blood pressure should go immediately to the hospital for tests and radiology.


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