After the delivery of a decisive leader.. a brotherhood campaign to stop the airline, and the latter is responding

A few hours after the Brotherhood platforms announced the arrest of Hossam Salam, founder of the “Hasm” movement, one of the military group’s arms, the group’s electronic militia launched intensive campaigns to sue the Sudanese airline, and pressure the Turkish authorities to decide to stop its flights to Turkish cities.

And the Brotherhood platforms, quoting the so-called professional grouping of Sudanese aviation, claimed that the Turkish authorities decided to stop the company’s flights to it until the investigation of the incident, adding, according to what they attributed to this gathering, that Turkey considers handing over a passenger with an entry visa to its territory a violation of Turkish law, while no The Turkish authorities issue any statements or assurances indicating the suspension of the flights of the company that launched a flight yesterday morning to Istanbul again to indirectly deny the allegations of the Brotherhood.

For its part, the Sudanese airline revealed the details of the incident and responded to the Brotherhood’s accounts about the delivery of the “Hasm” leader, as it said in an official statement that the passenger was heading on one of its flights to Istanbul, and during the flight, an alarm was issued from the smoke detection system in the cargo cabin, room No. 1, adding that as a procedure required by aviation regulations and laws to land at the nearest airport, the landing process took place smoothly at Luxor International Airport in Egypt.

The company added that due to the time taken to inspect and verify the reason for issuing this warning, this resulted in a restriction of the flight crew’s work time, which the cabin crew dealt with professionally and used fire extinguishers as a preventive measure inside the luggage rooms according to the requirements of operating the aircraft, noting that later it became clear that they It was a wrong signal, and this caused the plane to be sent to the maintenance center in Europe from Luxor Airport to restore the alarm system to normal, and the plane is still present at Bratislava Airport until now.

The company added that it decided to send an alternative plane to Luxor to transport passengers and continue the trip, stressing that when boarding the alternative plane, this makes the Egyptian authorities part of the travel procedures, as is the case in aviation regulations, which led to the arrest of the passenger.

The company confirmed that it operates in accordance with air safety regulations and aviation laws, and is keen on the safety of passengers, and presents the facts with complete transparency and credibility, and has nothing to do with what was taken by the Egyptian authorities or against the passenger, and this does not fall within the scope of its responsibility, nor The company is aware of the merits of the arrest.

Hossam Salam during his marriage

Other details about the incident were obtained by The information revealed that the leader of the “Hasm” fled to Sudan 5 years ago and worked in investment activities for the Brotherhood there, specifically the real estate field, and received calls from the group’s leaders in Istanbul to come to Turkey, and reassured him That the wanted group members who are in Turkish territory will not be extradited, while those in Sudan who are among them may be extradited.

It turned out that the group’s leaders had fears that the Sudanese authorities would hand over the leader of Hasm, whose enforced disappearance and torture in an Egyptian prison had been alleged by the Brotherhood platforms years ago, which might reveal their lies, while he will not be extradited by the Turkish authorities, and therefore the story of enforced disappearance will not be exposed.

Another story reveals the lies of the Brotherhood and its elements, which was announced by Rofaida Madkour, the wife of the leader “Hasm”, who said that her husband fled Egypt 5 years ago, specifically at the beginning of 2017, while the Brotherhood’s accounts said that he was forcibly disappeared that year and was tortured in prisons, while The wife confirmed that she married a leader of Hasm on September 29, 2017, and gave birth to her first child on November 22, 2018, without revealing whether she married him while he was in Egypt or in Sudan. Do you live with him in Sudan? Or did he marry her in Egypt and then flee to Sudan? She also did not reveal where she gave birth to her first or second child?

What also happened during the last flight of the leader of Hassem before his arrest, that he took a selfie of himself upon boarding the Sudanese plane from Khartoum airport and sent it to his wife and those close to him via Telegram, and after arriving at Luxor Airport after the emergency landing, he called his wife and told her that he was in Luxor and that the plane made an emergency landing and that he was worried Because of the procedures for transferring passengers from one plane to another, and then the news spread on the Brotherhood platforms of his arrest and arrest.

The plane made an emergency landing in Luxor

The plane made an emergency landing in Luxor

The Brotherhood and its armed arms had received a painful blow, as Hossam Salam, the leader of the “Hasm” movement and the founder of the movement, fell into the grip of the Egyptian security before he fled to Turkey, according to what the Brotherhood platforms themselves announced on Thursday evening.

Brotherhood platforms said that the Egyptian authorities arrested one of the founders of the group’s “Hasm” movement and took him off a Sudanese plane on its way to Turkey and made an emergency landing at Luxor Airport on Wednesday evening.

Who is Hossam Salam?

He is a former student at the Faculty of Engineering, Menoufia University. He was dismissed from the faculty in 2014 along with 9 other students belonging to the group for a month for assaulting the administrative staff, storming the office of the dean of the faculty and smashing his car. Engineering and vehicle number MEA 8327.

He participated in the establishment of the Hasm Movement and the implementation of several terrorist operations for the Brotherhood, including the attempted assassination of the former Mufti Ali Gomaa, the Assistant Public Prosecutor, Counselor Zakaria Abdel Aziz Othman, and the targeting of police and army officers.

In 2017, the investigation authorities ordered the arrest of 96 accused members of the Hasm Movement, who are required to be arrested and brought in the case of the attempted assassination of the Assistant Public Prosecutor, and included, besides Salam, some Brotherhood leaders fleeing to Turkey, led by former MP Jamal Heshmat, the artist Wajdi Al-Arabi, and Ali Batikh. , a member of the group’s Shura Council, Magdy Shalash, a member of the group’s supreme authority, Amr Darraj, and former Ministry of Health spokesman Yahya Moussa.