After the "Dumbo" trailer fans are asking: Is Timothy Q. Mouse in Tim Burton's remake?

After the "Dumbo" trailer fans are asking: Is Timothy Q. Mouse in Tim Burton's remake?

He is next to the protagonist THE star of Disney’s animation classic “Dumbo”: Timothy Q. Mouse. But in the first teaser trailer, he lacks every trace. And unfortunately we think he will miss the final movie too …
Walt Disney Of the first teaser to “Dumbo” made our hearts beat faster, too. Tim Burton’s handwriting is already recognizable in the few scenes and especially the small elephant in the center just looks magical. But one question not only haunts us, but also many users on Twitter: Where is Timothy Q. Mouse?

In the animation classic of 1941, he is the second main character. Timothy makes friends with the world-teased elephant. The mouse ensures that the elephant gets a chance at the circus. He sets up Dumbo when he fails for the first time and becomes a joke with the clowns. Timothy is always on the side of Dumbo, he manages that the ravens help the elephant with the big ears while flying. And in the crucial scene of the film, it’s Timothy who gives Dumbo the confidence he needs, and in the end he even becomes the manager of the new circus star.
Everything changes in the new movie

Even the story of “Dumbo” shows, however, that the new edition of Tim Burton will differ materially in content from the classic animation. One of Colin Farrell Played former circus star and his children Milly ( Nico Parker ) and Joe ( Finley Hobbins ) seemingly take over the role of Timothy Q. Mouse. They probably help the elephant to drop the status as a laughing stock. Dumbo seems to become a star here much earlier in the story as well, and the focus then is on having a dodgy wheeler ( Michael Keaton ) is exploited due to its flying abilities.
Some fans are already disappointed that Timothy will not exist.

But we are optimistic. It seems as if you choose Tim Burton For his new film, a completely different approach and not just spool the known again. A repetition the original of 1941 would be problematic anyway, after all, there is some controversy around the classic Walt Disney. For a long time there has been a raging debate in the secondary literature as to whether the depiction of the crows (in Burton’s version probably missing) is racist. And that Dumbo at the end of the film lives happily in the circus, today could drive animal rights activists on the barricades.
A realistic fairytale?

The backed-up information on Tim Burton’s remake is still rare. On the basis of the known material, however, we are convinced that one chooses a more realistic approach. There are no talking animals, but people who interact with the elephant in the center. Since Dumbo can evade the synopsis anyway, but also remains a fairytale-like component.
And we also do not give up hope for a performance of Mouse Timothy. We will hardly see him as the speaking companion of our hero with the big ears, but a reprimand should already be in there. And when Burton just lets a mouse scurry through a couple of circus clothes in one scene …
Like Burton’s ” Dumbo “And if there is a reference to Timothy Q. Mouse in it, then we learn from April 4, 2019 in theaters. Here is the first teaser trailer again:

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