After the European tour, the Government is preparing a new rapprochement with China: more agreements and investments

At times, Alberto Fernández tries to forget about the increasingly violent divisions and confrontations that exist inside the government’s doors to focus on an international agenda that positions it among the world leaders.

Its objective is political, but, above all, economic. That is why from Casa Rosada they are programming an ever deeper agenda with China. The negotiating points are clear: trade agreements and investments.

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In this context, the Foreign Ministry finalizes the details for what santiago cafiero viaje a Beijingpossibly late May or early June. TN was able to confirm that the invitation came from the Chinese Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, through the Argentine embassy in that country.

It is a noteworthy fact that the Alberto Fernández visited China at the beginning of February during the opening of the Winter Olympics, where he signed a series of agreements that will seek to be deepened in the next meetings.

Negotiations in investment and infrastructure agreements

The national government has open three lines of commercial contact with China. The first is the “Strategic Dialogue for Economic Cooperation and Coordination”, the works for the projects of the new Silk Road and the Comixta, a high-level mixed commission.

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all these areas represent a flow of investments and capital to which Argentina longs to access as soon as possible. The Foreign Ministry has a preponderant role on all fronts and there is an intense management of the ambassador in that country, Sabino Vaca Narvaja. as he knew TNthe Comixta is one of the contact points that is making the most progress.

The powerful Chinese Ministry of Commerce and the Argentine Foreign Ministry participate there, represented mainly by the Secretariat of International Economic Relations. headed by Cecilia TodescaCafiero’s right hand in economic matters.

It is expected that there 3 technical virtual meetings between the teams of both countries to make a work schedule for the bilateral meeting between the Argentine and Chinese foreign ministers. There will be a strong push for e-commerce.

A visit amid strong Covid protocols

Taking an official trip to China is not easy. The Communist Party You must make the corresponding invitation to then begin to outline all the health protocols in a context where China maintains a zero covid policy.

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There are some requirements for the visit. It has to be in a charter flightwith a small entourage and daily PCR controls. It is the same methodology that Alberto Fernández had to follow during his trip in February.

Particularly everyone traveling will have to have a daily PCR while in China. And those people who join the bubble but stay in the Asian giant -as will happen with Ambassador Sabino Vaca Narvaja- they will have to serve 15 days of strict confinement.

Argentina closer to China

In recent days, the government refloated its intention to join the BRICS blocthe group of emerging powers made up of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

During the conference he shared with German Foreign Minister Olaf Scholz in Berlin, Alberto Fernández admitted that at the Argentina “is interested in being part of the BRICS” since “the country’s main trading partner is located there, which is Brazil.”

The statement comes days after the China’s invitation for the country to participate of the next summit of foreign ministers and presidents to be held virtually on May 20 and June 24, respectively.

It is possible that Cafiero’s trip will take place after the meeting of foreign ministers and before that of the presidents. At least with that calendar they are working from the Palacio San Martín.

The truth is that whatever the date, the idea of ​​the national government is to deepen ties with China and show himself to the world with a different image than the one that Alberto Fernández has inside Casa Rosada.