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After the film "convergence point" in the forum of the youth of the world .. All you want to know about the artist Reem Mustafa

After documenting the film "Point of convergence" presented at the World Youth Forum "of the artist Reem Mustafa, where it confirmed that it aims to search for the roots and the origin of civilizations, reviewing a number of important tourist areas. The Forum will witness this year 2018 in its second session more than 5 thousand The film "Point of convergence" was performed by Reem Mustafa in the short film "Encounter Point" in which Egypt toured and presented various models of the Egyptian character that brought together her children Through meetings and visits in several places Alexandria to Aswan.
The film was presented for the first time at the opening ceremony of the World Youth Forum held in Sharm el-Sheikh, where it was appreciated by the youth, especially because it reflects the theme of the forum in its new version, which depends on the Egyptian personality and identity. The film shows a number of important tourist areas, which are not known to many people, and visited by artist Reem Mustafa, which shows her true personality in the events of the film "convergence point," which shows the Egyptian cultures and different customs in the lives of Bedouins and Nubia authentic that attracts tourists who like to explore these areas and visit . 1. Rima Mustafa, born June 25, 1986, graduated from the Faculty of Media Radio and Television, worked in the beginning of her life marketing. 2. Her artistic career began when her friend advised her during a condolence call to try out Orbit TV performances. 3. Then began her career in television drama since 2013 through the series of the disengagement clash and the comedy series The man of the crow. 4. She was characterized by her yellow hair and beautiful features. She was a way to enter art alongside her talent. She continued to play good roles until she got a role in the series "Claps". The first season and four other Ramadan series in 2017 changed the public's thinking from the rich arrogant girl of the high-end artist. 5. Her top beauty is artist Ghada Adel and Yasmin Sabri, she loves their beauty a lot. 6. She described herself as a "noble" which loves to eat a lot, six Beit Shatra, love stuffed. 7. Try to exercise continuously to keep it slim. 8. He was guest of the Ramez Jalal program in 2018 and after discovering the anhalt, he beat and screamed. .


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