After the game, Tomaszewski massacres… journalists. “If you don’t know each other then…”

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The match of the Polish national team against the Czech Republic ended in blamage for the White and Reds. After the game, Jan Tomaszewskie, famous for his sharp tongue, criticized sports journalists the hardest. He did not spare strong words.

The Poles started the Euro qualifiers with a 3:1 defeat to the Czech Republic. However, the fans and experts were more infuriated by the style of play of the Polish players than the result. The Czechs very easily got under our goal, and the Poles seemed completely powerless, although they represent great world clubs.

After the match, Jan Tomaszewski commented on the match in an interview with “Super Express”. “What annoys me the most?” he began. Surprisingly, the sharp edge of his criticism turned against sports journalists in the first place.

“Bednarek plays, Cash plays, Szczęsny plays, Karbownik plays. They make mistakes and nothing happens because they make mistakes. However, as soon as Kiwior or Bereszynski make a mistake, who did not play because it is known that he had an injury, if he makes one mistake in a match, “great journalists” and “great experts” write that he made a mistake because he does not play. I’m the one asking, why don’t you write about the same, about the mistakes of those who play every day?” Tomaszewski asked rhetorically.

“Football is just a game of mistakes. Lewandowski makes a mistake, Messi makes a mistake, so gentlemen – if you don’t know about football, don’t write about it. Because if Kiwior, if Bereszyński trains with the best footballers in the world under the supervision of the best coaches in the world and the coaches speak out, then you do not speak out, because you are embarrassing yourself, Tomaszewski thundered.

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