After the hockey game, Ruta Dvinska is stopped by the cleaner

On May 23, a large part of the population of Latvia “floated at least ten meters above the ground” because the Latvian national team defeated Switzerland in the World Hockey Championship.

This game was historic, because thanks to it, the Latvian national team entered the quarterfinals of the World Hockey Championship, where they had not played since 2018.

During the game in “Arena Riga” it was felt that Latvia truly loves hockey. After the game, social networks were full of joy and excitement.

TV3 personalities – Ruta and Kaspars Dvinski – shared their feelings after the victory.

With these stars, “Arena Rīga” moved at a speed of two pictures per three steps. Meanwhile, the cleaner asked me what the weather would be like tomorrow and if she needed to water the garden. Everyone has their own audience,

concludes Dvinska.

Screenshot from Instagram

Screenshot from Instagram

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