Within 10 days Boeing intends to update the software of its 737 Max 8, the jet model of which a specimen fell last Sunday in Ethiopia shortly after take-off; over 150 people died on board.

After the accident, first China, then Europe, Canada and the United States ordered that family of planes to stay on the ground. Agence France-Presse, citing sources, reported on the MCAS system update. The sources of the French press agency did not specify what the possible causes of the accident were. The black boxes of the aircraft were brought to France for analysis.

The accident is very similar to the one that occurred in October off Indonesia and related to the same type of jet. The Boeing stock accelerated to the upside (+ 1.2% to $ 377.78) immediately after the news of AFP. Analysts are surprised by the fast timing with which Boeing is acting. Bank of America had said during the week that it would take three to six months to "certify the solution".


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