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A strange method invented by one of the people in Ezbet, Alexandria, to force him to return to him, where he injected his son, who is 3 years, with large doses of "insulin" over a week, although his son did not get diabetes.
The child suffered severe convulsions and went into complete coma before suffering a stroke. He was transferred to Al Shatby University Hospital in Alexandria for treatment.
Dr. Inas Shaltout, professor of sugar at Al-Aini Palace and president of the Arab Diabetes Association, confirmed that anyone taking insulin without diabetes is extremely dangerous in the short and long term.
Shaltot told Al-Watan that those who take large doses of insulin will initially experience convulsions and get into complete coma, just as happened to the Alexandria child, pointing out that if the coma is long, it will cause permanent damage to the brain cells.
For the child of Alexandria, after he woke up from his coma, it should be placed under observation, according to the professor of sugar, noting that in the case of the movement is abnormal, it must be subjected to comprehensive medical tests to see the effects of doses of "insulin."
Shaltot explained that in the event of coma, it is noted that it moves naturally, must be treated by parents very carefully, and observe his actions when reaching the stages of perception, and the emergence of signs of intelligence and thinking, will be affected if the injury in the brain damage caused by the dose of "Insulin."
Do not fear the child's diabetes, according to the professor of sugar, explaining that once sugar levels returned to normal, will not decline again, except in some types of "insulin" that store the bottom of the skin, which cause some setbacks after returning from coma for several days, only These species are not available and are expensive.

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