After the incidents of intrusions… Banks begin their strike with a complete closure

After a series of incursions into banks in Beirut and the regions, described as “the organization”, Lebanon today entered into a general strike of banks, for 3 consecutive days, “to denounce and denounce what happened and in order to take the necessary regulatory measures,” the Association of Banks announced in a statement on Friday.

On a morning tour of my colleague Hassan Asal in Beirut, the movement in front of the banks seemed completely paralyzed, in contrast to the scenes of mobile problems that occurred last week for depositors demanding their deposits.

On Friday, Lebanon witnessed 4 consecutive raids of banks in Ghazieh, Tarek Al Jadeeda, Al Hamra and Ramlet Al Bayda, as one of the depositors managed to withdraw his deposit, while others were held hostage inside the bank.

In an interview with “An-Nahar,” Hassan Mughniyeh, head of the “Depositors” Association, warned against the strike that the banks would carry out, and said, “Thursday may witness dozens of incursions, and therefore this is not the solution, and things will deteriorate in the coming days and people will resort to weapons and blood.”

Mughniyeh also called for “the urgent establishment of a crisis cell composed of representatives from the Banque du Liban, the Association of Banks and depositors to search for solutions.”

Pictures of our colleague Hassan Asal from Al Hamra: