After the invasion of Roland Garros: What measures were taken against the offender?

During one of the semi-final clashes at this year’s Roland Garros on the Philip Shatrie court, we witnessed the intrusion of a girl who, in the break between two of the points, was “chained” to the net. As a result, the game was suspended for nearly 10 minutes, and the tennis players were even taken to the locker rooms. The girl wore a T-shirt with the words “We have only 1028 days left”, and her identity was later established. It is about 22-year-old Alize, who is an environmental activist and her invasion is a sign of protest against climate change.

The Frenchwoman’s act did not go unpunished, as she was taken into custody, where she spent more than 40 hours before being released on Sunday. After her release, the girl gave an interview in which she told more about the reasons for her invasion and its consequences.

“The time I spent in the police station was very, very long. I was sent there at 9:30 pm, and later I was told that I would be sent elsewhere because I had nowhere to be accommodated. The next morning I was moved to the third place before it is time for trial and sentence.

They probably didn’t know exactly how to react to me because of the media attention to the incident. They also just wanted to intimidate us, to prevent other members of our organization from doing something like that. Their goal was to discourage us.

My aim was to draw attention to this absolute horror to which we have been brought. This is a world in which tennis will not continue to exist, “added Alize about the purpose of his actions.

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