US congressmen increased pressure against the Mexican government for the murder of members of the LeBarón family.

Josh Hawley, senator for the US state of Missouri, threatened to freeze accounts and assets that Mexican officials have in the United States (USA), for refusing to fight the drug cartels that are “killing US citizens. "

In his Twitter account, the Republican legislator He accused that the government of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador is not fighting against criminal groups who have been responsible for flooding illegal drugs in the United States.

"I remind the Government of Mexico that its cartels are killing American citizens, trafficking with children and flooding our communities with deadly drugs. So yes: I think the sanctions are justified against those who refuse to act, ”he wrote through @HawleyMO

In the Twitter post, the Missouri senator failed to specify whether the president's administration Donald Trump it would sanction Mexican officials, through legislative or executive action.

Immediately, the Mexican government reacted through the same social network. Martha Bárcena, the Mexican ambassador to the US said that the Mexican government is willing to work with the US to strengthen anti-narcotics cooperation, but defended the decision of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to "not violently confront" drug traffickers.

“One of the main priorities of President López Obrador is to promote security with a new approach, not seeking violent confrontation with organized crime groups, a strategy that failed in previous administrations and led to a unprecedented escalation of violence", wrote.

In the text of five paragraphs and a couple of handwritten lines, Bárcena rejected the sanctions against Mexican officials and stated that Mexico has already established collaboration ties with US agencies.

"My Government categorically rejects its recent characterizations that Mexico is not actively fighting transnational organized crime and the suggestion of imposing sanctions against Mexican officials" and put on the table that it is the Americans who demand illegal drugs for personal use.

The content of the letter sent The Mexican ambassador did not reassure the spirits of the Republican senator, who reacted harshly and without complacency.

“In response to my call for sanctions, the Mexican Ambassador responded with a letter without assuming any responsibility, without offering change in Mexico's failed policies and suggesting that the real problem is the US drug demand. As if Americans were responsible for cartel crimes”Replied Hawley.

In the last 72 hours, President Donald Trump and several Republican senators have spoken about the massacre against members of the LeBarón family, allegedly perpetrated by the criminal group called "The Line".

While Trump used the murder of three women and six children, at the borders of Sonora and Chihuahua to resume the issue of the construction of a border wall, the Republican senator Tom cotton criticized the policy of "hugs not bullets" of López Obrador.

"It's a fairy tale. If (the Mexican government) cannot protect US citizens, the US will take action on the matter, ”he said.

The criminal group "The Line" He was appointed by the Ministry of Public Safety and Protection (SSPC) as responsible for the violent death of members of the LeBarón family. It was armed arm of the Juarez Cartel. As a result of an excision of the criminal gang, it ended up in the ranks of the New Juarez Cartel. They have always been enemies of the Sinaloa Cartel against whom they have staged multiple and violent territory disputes.


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