After the No-vax come the No-sic, drought deniers: «The Po in dry? Old photos”

# drought in your brain is the flag of some of the new climate deniers, the No-sic, those who do not believe in the drought emergency. There are many points in common with the No-vax and No-Mask: insults to Prime Minister Mario Draghi, the belief that behind the emergency there is a fraudulent plot against citizens and the media “sold” in the service of power. The Po, in their opinion, would be full of water and to prove it would be the photos of the river that their friends would have sent them in real time. «The River Po is not dry. Drought alarm for the fools », writes (ungrammatically) a user on Twitter, posting a video of the river in good condition. “Where does the government want to go?” She asks another in the comments. And here is the revealing answer: “To get farmers to sell to multinationals.” Many users, residing near the river, however, point out that the shoal is evident.

TWITTER | Commentary screenshot from a No-sic post, July 2, 2022
TWITTER | Commentary screenshot from a No-sic post, July 2, 2022

Governors Zaia and Fontana are also targeted by the No-sic

Not only Draghi, to end up in the crosshairs of the No-sic there are also ministers, mayors and presidents of the Region, tagged on the social posts, which would demonstrate a Po in excellent condition. “The dams are full, so they’re holding back water at the source to create drought and ruin your crops. The water is there but Attilio Fontana turns off the taps, go check and post the evidence everywhere, possibly with drones », is the invitation of a user on Twitter and Telegram. Even the Venetian governor Luca Zaia, accused of spreading old images of the river. «It shows the Po dry, but the image dates back to 2017. The upstream basins are full of water, but Zaia closes them there to blow up the crops», Gianpaolo C attacks on Twitter.

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