After the Oktoberfest in Frankfurt: Ed Sheeran’s beer mug will be auctioned

After Oktoberfest in Frankfurt
Ed Sheeran’s beer mug is up for auction

Last Saturday evening Ed Sheeran played a concert in Frankfurt am Main and also visited the Oktoberfest there. Now the organizer is auctioning off the mug from which the singer drank his beer. The money should go to a good cause.

After Ed Sheeran’s appearance at the Frankfurt Oktoberfest, the organizers are now auctioning the superstar’s beer mug online. A little more than 1100 euros were offered on the Ebay platform in the morning.

“Our goal is two and a half thousand euros,” said Oktoberfest co-organizer Kai Mann. The money is to be used to finance the construction of a school in the Dominican Republic via a foundation. The offer runs until October 7th. Various media had previously reported.

After his concert in the Frankfurt stadium on Saturday evening, the British singer and entourage came to the neighboring Oktoberfest. “Sheeran is a super guy,” Mann said.

Visit meticulously planned

He was informed in advance about Sheeran’s visit, according to Mann. Everything had been meticulously planned, but had to remain secret. “However, his appearance on the stage was spontaneous.” In lederhosen and with a beer mug in hand, the 31-year-old sang his ballad “Perfect” and the Backstreet Boys hit “Everybody”.

It was a sensational experience, said the organizer. And: “We are already looking for a suitable successor who will be on stage with us next year.”