After the Paderborn win, the next test against Jena

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Announcement during the time-out: BG coach Roel Moors (centre, seated) calmly explains what needs to be done better.
Announcement during the time-out: BG coach Roel Moors (centre, seated) calmly explains what needs to be done better. © Hubert Jelinek/gsd

With a clear 93:62 (52:27) victory, basketball Bundesliga club BG Göttingen successfully ended its second test at second division Uni Baskets Paderborn.

Paderborn/Göttingen – The violets lacked the ailing Peter Hemschemeier and Taze Moore (private in the USA) at their previous place of work. On Sunday, the BG will carry out their second home test against second division Jena again without fans.

“I’ve seen some positive things. We played with the right intensity at times and had good ball movement – ​​especially in the first half,” said BG coach Roel Moors after the win in Paderborn. “But the third quarter wasn’t acceptable. In the last section, however, we showed a reaction and played at a normal level again. Overall I saw more positives than in the last game. We’ve taken a small step forward, but there’s still a lot of work to do.”

In the Uni Baskets, the BG got off to a good start, leading 11:6 and 14:8. Since things were also going well defensively, the lead was 27:12 after ten minutes. Harald Frey’s first appearance had an invigorating effect on the violets. He was the top scorer with 18 points, hit four three-pointers and provided eight assists. The blond boy seamlessly continued his good performances for Norway in the World Cup qualifier.

Moors gave all the players playing time and tried various things. After the break, the BG faltered, acted carelessly and gave up the third quarter at 18:23. Mönninghoff and Mark Smith then increased the lead again. The BG hit 12 of 25 threes, had only 10 turnovers, gave 19 assists and got 36 rebounds (15 offensive).

Quarters: 12:27, 15:25, – 23:18, 12:23.

BG: Hammonds (14 Punkte/2 Dreier, 9 Rebounds), Frey (18/4, 8 Assists), Crandall (2), Boakye (3/1), Smith (14/2), Ani, Wüllner, Mönninghoff (8/2), Kamp (8), Pape (17/1), Bess (7), Giotis (2).


The BBL has scheduled the games for the cup round of 16. BG Göttingen will play their home game against ratiopharm Ulm on Sunday, October 16, from 3 p.m. in the Sparkassen-Arena. According to the city of Göttingen, the explosive ordnance probing should be completed by then.

Due to these ordnance probing, the league game of the violets against the Niners Chemnitz, which was originally supposed to be played on October 2nd, has to be postponed. The Sparkassen-Arena is closed at this time. A new date for the game against Chemnitz has not yet been set. This makes the cup game the first home game for BG in the new season.

Advance ticket sales for the first round games that have already been scheduled and the round of 16 of the cup are expected to start next week. The BG will provide more information in a timely manner. (haz/gsd-nh)

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