After the record year, things are getting tough for Dax values ​​| company abroad

What a year: 14% increased the turnover of the Dax companies in 2021, the profit of the forty largest listed companies in Germany even 122%. Despite disrupted supply chains, bottlenecks in the supply of semiconductors, raw materials or supplier products. Tempi passati. The problems from 2021 partly extend into the new year, some powerful challenges have been added. “With the war in Ukraine, a new stage of uncertainty and geopolitical confrontation has been reached,” explains Henrik Ahlers, head of the economic consultancy EY in Germany.

The vast majority of companies whose shares are listed in Germany’s leading index, the Dax, have now taken stock of the past financial year. The auditor EY therefore took a look at the numbers. According to Bloomberg, the total net profit of all forty companies in 2021 was almost €130 billion (see chart) – a record year. The ten newcomers who have enriched the Dax since September last year were only partly responsible for the growth. They contributed around €7 billion to the Dax profit.

Russia business negligible

According to the EY report, the international positioning of many companies boosted sales growth in the past year. In Asia, the turnover of the DAX companies increased by a total of 16%, in North America 15% and in the home market of Europe still 10%. “In particular, China is and will remain an important growth market for many top German corporations, despite the difficult framework conditions,” says EY Germany boss Ahlers. In comparison, business in Russia is a minor matter, “so that even if there is no business there, it is reflected more than enough in the Dax statuses,” explains Alexander Dominicus, fund manager at the German securities house Mainfirst.