After the rejection of 6 countries, Turkey demonstrated Ukrainians from Argentina, Brazil,

Ankara / Anatolia

Announced the Ukrainian Embassy in Ankara, that the Turkish Airlines has postponed 9 of its citizens in Argentina and Brazil, after the rejection of 6 countries therefore, in the framework of the evacuation of the state to its nationals around the world by the repercussions of the corona virus.

Ukrainian ambassador to Ankara, Andrey Sepp her, he said that the entity held discussions with 6 countries to evacuate their citizens from Brazil and Argentina, after being stranded by a stop international flights due to Corona.

He added in statements to Anatolia, that those countries (not mentioned) refused to evacuate Ukrainians, and welcomed the Ankara view of Kiev.

He explained that Turkey evacuated Ukrainian citizens, via a special flight on a plane, its airline, allocated for the evacuation of Turkish nationals from the Argentine capital Buenos Aires.

He was Ukrainian ambassador expressed his thanks to the Turkish Foreign Ministry, and his education in Buenos Aires, immediately to the Altai, on their efforts to facilitate the evacuation of the citizens of his country there.

He noted that the Ukrainians 9, were brought to Istanbul, and then was sent across the sea voyage to their country.

He reported that the embassy of Kiev and Ankara, postponed until now read 3 thousands of Ukrainians from different countries of the world, with the support and efforts of the Turkish side.

It is worth mentioning that Turkey topped the list of countries that have evacuated their nationals from the countries that suffer widespread MERS-CoV, via several trips, but the aircraft private ambulance to bring designers from different regions of the world.

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