After the Russian debacle in Ukraine, the US intensifies the conflict with Russia and China

Following the collapse of Moscow’s northern front in Russia’s six-month-old invasion of Ukraine, the United States has responded by further intensifying its involvement in the war against Russia in Ukraine and preparations for war with China over Taiwan.

Over the course of a week, Ukrainian forces advanced tens of kilometers, capturing massive amounts of Russian weapons and ammunition, along with, according to Ukrainian officials, thousands of Russian soldiers.

On Thursday, the Biden administration announced an additional $600 million in weapons for Ukraine, adding to the more than $50 billion in weapons and other assistance that has been allocated to date.

The new arms shipment, the 21st of its kind since the start of the war, includes ammunition for the HIMARS missile system, 36,000 105mm artillery shells, counter-battery radar and 1,000 155mm precision artillery shells. guide.

This is in addition to the tens of thousands of anti-tank missiles, hundreds of drones, 15 HIMARS launchers and hundreds of vehicles, as well as the most advanced US anti-aircraft and anti-ship missiles, that have been delivered to date.

US senators called for even more weapons to be provided to Ukraine. US Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has demanded that the White House provide Ukraine with the long-range ATACMS missile capable of penetrating deep into Russian territory.

“Ukrainians need more weapons than we are giving them. They need to get them faster and they need new capabilities like long-range ATACMS missiles, large drones and tanks,” McConnell said.

Senator Marco Rubio added: “I think the concern, some would say, is that long-range missiles could hit targets deep inside Russian territory and trigger a larger conflict. I’m not sure I’m that worried about it.”

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These calls to expand the range of weapons delivered to Ukraine were accompanied by the most explicit statement to date of US goals in the conflict.