after the serious accident, Ciao Darwin's competitor is likely to remain paralyzed 8


Paolo Bonolis

Hi Darwin 8: a competitor risks paralysis, Paolo Bonolis and the accused authors

A few days ago we told you that Paolo Bonolis and the authors of Hi Darwin 8 have decided to eliminate the roller test at the genodrome. The reason? During the recording of an episode that was not yet aired, two competitors had two serious accidents.

One of the two participants is the Mr. Gabriele 54 years old and is originally from Rome. Due to the bad fall, the man suffered the crushing of two vertebrae. For the moment the person concerned is hospitalized in intensive care at the Umberto I Polyclinic of the Capital.

On Tuesday 23 April 2019, The messenger had a telephone contact with the cousin of the injured person, or Stefano Ambrosetti. The latter stated that Gabriele is completely motionless from the neck to the feet for the moment. According to what reported in the main Italian newspapers, the 54-year-old seriously risks remain paralyzed.

The statements of the cousin of the injured competitor to Ciao Darwin 8

“From production they called me because they had my contact, and they asked me for his wife's phone number to tell him that he had fallen. According to what was reported by the doctors reported the crushing of two vertebrae, with a lesion to the bone that compressed the chest, preventing it from breathing ",

said the cousin of the injured competitor a Hi Darwin 8. The latter also said that surgery he succeeded perfectly, but from the moment of his fall to today, from the neck down he is completely still. The 54-year-old is alert and conscious but can't move, in fact his conditions are quite critical.

"Our anger also depended on the fact that they continued to record despite such a serious event. They continued as if nothing had happened, so much so that on the Darwin Facebook page they continue to post joking news. Other than his falling back: we are living a nightmare ",

the man concluded. What will you do Paolo Bonolis and the authors of the Channel 5 program? In the meantime we inform you that Friday, April 26th Hi Darwin 8 it won't go on the air.


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