After the sex scandal comes the next proof of love

Is everything okay again with Wanda and Mauro Icardi? The PSG star’s marriage appeared to be on the brink of end due to a sex scandal. Now comes the next proof of love.

the essentials in brief

  • Mauro Icardi directs the next proof of love to his wife Wanda.
  • In addition, the PSG star only follows his loved ones on Instagram.
  • Previously, rumors of a marriage-off because of an affair with the kicker made the rounds.

Turbulent days around the love life of Mauro Icardi! First rumors made the rounds: The PSG star is said to have cheated on his wife Wanda with the actress Maria Eugenia Suarez.

Wanda reacts violently to the rumored affair. The influencer unfollows her husband on Instagram and writes in her story: “Another family that you destroyed, you H ***!” The Argentine has over 8.3 million followers.

Then the attacker starts the big love offensive on Tuesday! «Thank you, my dear, for continuing to trust this wonderful family. I love you.”

On Wednesday, the ex-Inter-Star added. He writes about a photo taken together: “Hold me tight and never let go of me.”

Apparently not enough. Icardi only follows one person on Instagram: his wife Wanda.

Only follow his wife on Instagram – good proof of love?

Whether the love proof is enough for the love comeback? Unsure. But it is just as uncertain whether the affair ever happened.

Suarez, with whom Mauro Icardi allegedly cheated, first claimed that she did not know Icardi or his wife. Then the Argentine newspaper “Clarin” revealed private news. The actress is said to have written to the footballer: “I would like to meet you in a club, somewhere in the world where nobody knows you.”

Sequel follows …

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