After the "stomach conversion" .. Demerdash Hospital: "the case of Omaima stable"

After the "stomach conversion" .. Demerdash Hospital: "the case of Omaima stable"

Dr. Dr. Khalid Jawdat, Professor of Obesity Surgery at Ain Shams University and President and Founder of the Egyptian Society for Obesity Surgery, stated that the case of Omayma Salah is completely stable and has no effect on complications after 48 hours. He added that the conversion of laparoscopic gastroenteritis is the best type of obesity surgery in the world because it helps to lose weight better as it prevents weight gain later and its success rate globally up to 91% compared to the conversion of the normal stomach, which has a success rate to 66% , Pointing out that the difficulty of the process was the use of the telescope with this increase in the weight of the patient as it is often used to quantify the preparation of the loss of some weight and then the conversion process prepared. He noted that the patient is currently receiving intensive care receive treatment and begin to take fluids after several days.

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