After the theft of her tomatoes, an organic market gardener appeals to secure her greenhouses

If you live near Albi, in the Tarn, and you have concrete blocks on your arms, fencing to recycle or sell at a low price, or even rudiments of masonry, you could well remove a beautiful thorn from the pied d’Elise, an organic market garden, located in the Canavières area.

The young farmer launched on Facebook an appeal for solidarity to secure her small farm after another “visit” at the beginning of last week.

While the price of tomatoes is soaring, the vegetable gardeners were not mistaken: they took 40 kg of ripe organic tomatoes, which is no straw for a small farm. Elise, who spoke to 100% Radio, lost her weekly harvest. And, as the photos she posted show, she only had a few miserable tomatoes for sale in the Sainte-Cécile Cathedral market on Saturday morning …

To avoid a new intrusion into the greenhouses, materials and helping hands are welcome.


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