After the visit from the barra brava, Independiente players wonder how the violent ones got to the locker room so easily

There is discomfort in Independiente. In the people because Julio Falcioni’s team frays in this Professional League. And that was in evidence after the 1-1 with Sarmiento de Junín in the Libertadores de América, which left the Red more and more away from River, the leader of the table. The unrest on Thursday was translated into insults that came down from the stadium stands that punished the leadership and the squad. And it led to the abrupt appearance of a group of barrabravas who broke into the locker room to ask for explanations. This situation also altered the spirits of the players. Among the youngest, because they are not used to these heavy visits. And among the largest, especially, because they still do not understand how the violent could get to the dressing room without anyone, including the police and the private security personnel in the place, stopping them.

There were no scenes of violence in the locker rooms. In fact, goalkeeper Sebastián Sosa, defender Fabricio Bustos, midfielder Lucas Romero and Captain Silvio Romero, the leaders of the squad, took charge of the situation and tried to protect the youngest of the group. Beyond the tension, they managed to dissuade the bars, who would have taken the opportunity to take some of the shirts that the footballers had just used.

To the players, who trained this Friday morning, It gave them a bad feeling how easy it was for the violent to access that sector that is under surveillance. And more thinking that on Monday, from 9:15 p.m., they will play again in the Libertadores de América against Unión de Santa Fe. And they fear that the scene will repeat itself this weekend, beyond the fact that they made it clear to whom they went to look for explanations that simply things are not working out in the last games. “We went out to win”the campus leaders repeated.

The people of Independiente got tired and distributed for the leadership and the squad. Photo: Juano Tesone

Things are not good in Independiente beyond the absence of good results and this run of five games without wins (three draws and two losses) and the bad performances in the last presentations in Avellaneda, where he accumulates four games without smiles. In fact, since the return of the public was enabled, he barely rescued two points out of six possible – 1-1 against Gimnasia and Sarmiento-.

They have to see the poor performance of the team, but also the heated climate that the club is experiencing from a political point of view with the elections just around the corner. And with the Board of Directors headed by Hugo Moyano that the moment only defined the date of the elections – they will be, despite opposition resistance, on December 19.

Moyano in the crosshairs

The atmosphere thickened as the minutes passed during the match against Sarmiento. The people of Red encouraged at first. However, after Luciano Gondou’s goal, the murmurs turned to insults and the whistles went to everyone. From the stands they sang against the players. And the president was not saved either: “El Rojo is going to be champion the day all the sons of p … from the Commission leave” and “If you are from Red you have to vote, the Moyano never again”, were the hits of the night.

“I did not hear anything”said the leader of Truckers who showed his ability to selectively listen in a brief dialogue with the supporter program From the Cradle to Hell. He was visibly annoyed by the patriarch of the Moyano family, who did not avoid expressing his anger at the bad game of the Red. “What do you want me to say: we play well or we play poorly. How do I like him? Let him play well. Today we are not playing well.”he blurted out as he left the stadium.

Hugo Moyano has not yet decided if he will run for reelection.  Photo: Marcelo Carroll.

Hugo Moyano has not yet decided if he will run for reelection. Photo: Marcelo Carroll.

The secretary general of Independiente, Héctor Maldonado, on the other hand, was more empathetic with the popular claim. “The expression of the people must be respected. People behave quite well in a difficult moment of the team that the results are not given; We must thank the members for coming and supporting, because although some sing, most support “, he remarked in statements to the press.

And Maldonado also referred to the sayings of Moyano, who last Tuesday hinted at the possibility of not running for the December elections after the approval of a balance sheet that returned worrying numbers. “Not for now (there is another candidate), but there is always a plan B”, slipped the leader.