After two days, they found an eight-year-old girl in the area of ​​the Czech forest

Julia Sleegers from Berlin got lost on a trip with her family on Sunday.

Oct 12, 2021 at 3:17 PM SITA

BERLIN. The search for German and Czech police officers for a missing eight-year-old girl, who got lost on Sunday near the Čerchov hill in Domažlice in a wooded area on the German-Czech border, finally had a happy ending.

The Czech police confirmed the report on Tuesday afternoon via the social and microblogging network Twitter, stating that the girl immediately travels to the care of paramedics.

Julia Sleegers from Berlin got lost together with her brother and cousin on Sunday during the tracking game, when the family took a break during a trip to the Czech Forest.

While the two boys were tracked down on Sunday night, the girl remained missing. As stated by the news portal with reference to Blesk, Julia found a hunter together with colleagues in the middle of a forest near Česká Kubica, about 10 kilometers from the place where she got lost.

According to the AP agency referring to the German DPA, about 800 German and Czech police officers, firefighters, 40 specially trained dogs, helicopters and drones were involved in the search operation.

The search was complicated by weather conditions – fog, winter and rain, and at night black darkness, when rescuers could hardly see in front of them. The problem was also the inaccessible terrain with many rocks and gorges.

As the Bohemian Forest is known for the fact that people can get lost in it relatively easily, the authorities preferred to call on potential volunteers not to join the search, as there would be a risk of the disappearance of other people.

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