After two years, UNIMAGDALENA medical students once again receive white coats in a face-to-face ceremony – Opinion Caribe

With the reception of white coats, a group of 14 students of the tenth semester of the Medicine Program of the University of Magdalena made their transition to the rotating internship, which is the final stage of their academic training and the first step towards life professional.

For a year, future doctors will put the acquired knowledge into practice, working in five large rotes such as women’s medicine, pediatrics, internal medicine, surgery and emergencies, in health institutions and entities located in Bucaramanga, Cartagena, Valledupar, Barranquilla and Santa Marta, with which the Alma Mater maintains teaching-service relationships in the teaching and learning process.

The delivery of these badges that represent the purity, honesty and seriousness that should govern their work practice, was chaired by Dr. Ángela Romero Cárdenas, dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences; the medical magister Karin Rondón Payares, director of the Medicine Program, and teachers from various academic areas. Likewise, the parents accompanied their children in the imposition that took place in the Julio Otero Muñoz auditorium of this House of Higher Studies.

This is the first ceremony for the imposition of white coats to be carried out in person after two years of the Covid-19 pandemic, for which the directors, teachers, students and their families expressed their approval to carry out this emotional once again an act that symbolizes for future doctors the responsibility to intervene and watch over the lives of human beings.

“Returning to this face-to-face space generates great satisfaction. This is an achievement where they begin the next stage of their academic life in the hospital cycles. The rotating internship is part of the last step of undergraduate training (…) it requires advancing a series of stages within the basics and the clinical, where a series of competencies are brought together ”, expressed the medical magister Karin Rondón.

The 14 students who received the white coat were trained under strict standards of academic, scientific and human quality, and are trained to identify needs, formulate strategies and comprehensively approach their patients, as mentioned by student Daniel Salazar Marrugo: “It is a sign of all the effort, of personal improvement, that reminds us that we are training not only to use medicine, but also to be humanists. It is a seal that we have because they focused us on empathy and respect for the patient ”.

On the other hand, Daniela Olivo Muñoz, a tenth semester student, stated: “this white coat signifies the commitment, love, service and dedication that we have with the entire community that surrounds us and with ourselves (…) it is the beginning of a new beginning and a new horizon ”.

In accordance with the provisions of the 2020-2030 University Development Plan ‘UNIMAGDALENA Comprometida’, the Medicine Program fulfills the purpose of training integral professionals with relevance to their environment, oriented and trained to solve health problems at the national and international, through actions of promotion, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation, under solid ethical values ​​and a high degree of social commitment.