After years of standing, the rare Porsche was completely engulfed by vegetation. The rescued car is waiting for sale

Have you ever seen a car that has become part of the vegetation? There were even several in one backyard in Wales.

The land belongs to an interesting guy named Rein Adamson. After 2000, this car enthusiast alternated and drove various interesting cars. When one broke down, he put him in the yard and started using others. Over the years, he amassed an interesting collection, which, however, was also subsequently marked by time. And also thieves and vandals. Some cars again suffered the fall of the roof of the shelter.

Interesting machines today just look shabby, two even damaged by fire. The Mazda MX-5, unusual versions of the BMW 3 Series E30, Mercedes-Benz 190E, Lancia Delta or Fiat 124 Spider rest in the backyard.

The most interesting car, however, is the white Porsche 912 from the first year of production, ie 1965. The 912 model was created as a more affordable 911 version – it has practically the same body, but at the back is a flat four-cylinder 1.6 liter from the 356. Its performance was standard 66 kW.

From the 356 model, the car also took over a number of elements in the interior and, for example, the headlights. The Porsche 912 was manufactured until 1969.

The Welsh backyard had to be rescued by cutting out dense vegetation. After more than 15 years of standing, it has almost become a part of the bushes … And the current situation corresponds to that. Although, on the other hand, if someone told you that they had a car that had spent so many years in dense vegetation, you might expect something much worse.

The car is also not in its original condition, it should have a larger engine with a capacity of 1.7 liters and some other modifications. Even so, it is an interesting discovery. By the way, the owner of the strange collection still owns a 911 from 1966.

The non-traditional collection is now awaiting relocation, as the owner has decided to sell the cars.