Severe decline in blood circulation

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I wrote Fatima Hussain

Egyptian artist Haitham Ahmed Zaki suffered a severe drop in blood circulation, which caused his death at the age of 35 years, and is not the first to lose their lives because of that injury.American broadcaster Amr Samir also suffered the same incident in 2019 after he finished performing the exercises. Sports.

A sharp drop in blood circulation is a decrease in the level of blood flow in the human body, which makes you feel dizzy and very tired, due to impaired blood flow resulting from heart attacks or loss of a large amount of blood in the case of a large wound, and many other reasons that Caused a sudden drop in pressure.

Causes of acute drop in blood circulation:

The sharp drop in a pregnant woman is due to an increase in blood demand for both the mother and the fetus.

Due to the loss of a large amount of blood due to a large wound in the body.

Poor circulation caused by heart attacks or erratic heart valves.

Weakness or trauma that sometimes accompanies a person.

Vulnerability sometimes caused by dehydration.

Infections of the bloodstream.

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Endocrine disorders such as diabetes and adrenal insufficiency.

Thyroid diseases.

An individual must follow several steps to avoid a severe drop in blood circulation:

Steps to prevent a severe drop in blood circulation:

Drink plenty of water daily

Deep breathing is necessary for a minute before getting out of bed in the morning or after waking up.

Raise your head slightly from body level while you sleep.

We need healthy meals.

Eat vegetables, skinless chickens, fish, fruits, and whole grains especially for athletes who have been drinking water for long periods.

Treatment may require medication, especially for patients with heart and diabetes.


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