It is not an urban legend and we must be vigilant lest it cause us some other important problem. And it is that for the umpteenth time, Apple and its iPhone are the protagonists of a fact that is, to say the least, worrying. Since no one could imagine that with a simple text message with some emojis, a whole smartphone of that level could be blocked completely.

That’s what some researchers have just discovered that have seen how a text-bombing wreaks havoc on those iPhone users who receive it. Because one of its characteristics is that it runs when the notification arrives. Do not think that it is necessary to go to the chat where we have received it and read it, at all, simply with that entry notice we will already have the terminal blocked.

The only way to fix it is through a terminal restart that will bring him back to life until, yes, some funny person decides to send that text again and we have to repeat the procedure. So, as you can see, at the moment there are not many permanent remedies except to take some small temporary security measures … while Apple puts a stop.

How to prevent iPhone from crashing

First of all you should know that the problem of this text-bombing is that it does not enter only one way to the phone but any app allowing you to send messages is a potential threat. That includes WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, iMessage, etc. So action must be taken on all these fronts. And what should we do?

Block message preview in iOS 13 (i) and WhatsApp (d).

Well, something very simple but that will be a bit annoying because for a few days it will leave you with the feeling of being isolated: and it is remove the preview of all notifications that reach your phone. That is, ask iOS 13 not to show us anything that is coming to us, be it a app messaging, an email or a notice from one of the many social networks in which we participate.

For this you can disconnect all those notifications from the main menu of iOS 13, in “Settings> Notifications> Show previews”, or go application by application doing the same in those that you think are especially dangerous and which are the ones you use the most. As we said, Apple has to respond now and although the next version of the operating system seems to close this flaw, the logical thing would be that they will publish a patch immediately to avoid greater evils.


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