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Again, Prince Muhammad bin Salman Breaks Arab Tradition…

by archyw

Illustration of Saudi Arabia (Photo: Antara/Reuters)

GenPI.co – Saudi Arabia has made another breakthrough by officially allowing businesses to remain open during the five daily prayers.

This is a reform to loosen sensitive matters in the kingdom to get rid of its harsh image.

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Since becoming the de facto leader in 2017, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has introduced economic and social changes.

His policies were designed to reduce the kingdom’s dependence on oil and reorganize the role of religion.

“Shops and other commercial and economic activities will remain open throughout the weekday and especially during working hours [salat],” the Saudi Chambers Federation said in a statement Friday night.

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Officially, the decision is part of the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

The goal is to avoid crowds and long queues in front of shops that are closed during prayer hours.

The policy comes after a 2019 decision that said businesses could remain open 24 hours a day.



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