Again, the car gets lost in the forest, the police reveal the condition of the passengers and the route taken

TRIBUNJATENG.COM – A viral video showing a Suzuki Ertiga getting lost in the forest in Madiun Regency, East Java.

Quoted from, the incident occurred on the border of the Mojorayung and Termulus forests, Wungu District, Madiun Regency, Sunday (29/5/2022).

In the video received, the black vehicle is seen tilted.

Two of the car’s wheels fell into the hole, rendering him unable to move.

The scene of the incident saw rows of teak trees.

While the surface of the land around it is overgrown with shrubs.

The recorder informed that the car numbered S 1587 XH was in the Tremulus forest area, Dungus, Madiun.

The recorder also wondered why the car could be in a location that was difficult to access.

“Permission to report that there was an extraordinary incident at the Tremulus forest location, Dungus area. There was a car stuck this morning using the share loc application. It turns out that the location is not reachable or can be reached by vehicle.

This vehicle is still stuck, and please ask permission from other parties or volunteers to immediately help locations like this. These are the types of off-road vehicles that can enter. Thank you, the report is complete. Peace be upon you, and Allah’s mercy and blessings,” said the recorder in the video.

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