Agata Rubik boasts of her daughter’s school certificate. “Highest average in school”

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Agata Rubik is a popular Polish composer and a happy mother of two little daughters: Alicja and Helenka. The couple got married in 2006. Currently, the Rubiks have been married for over 14 years. Agata is eager to speak in social media, where she mainly discusses the topics of parenthood and healthy eating, as well as physical activity. It also talks a lot about the education of Alicja and Helenka.

Crki Rubikw attend the elite The British School Warsaw, where they focus on learning English from an early age. The facility even introduces the obligation to wear school uniforms. This fact came to light when fans noticed the school logo on one of the girls’ uniforms. Learning in an institution is very expensive. The price of an annual tuition fee ranges from PLN 37,000 to almost PLN 90,000.

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Agata Rubik boasts of her daughter’s certificate. It has a high average. The music score is surprising

Agata Rubik posted an extensive report on Instagram, in which she informed that her little puppies are after the end of the school year and officially begins their holidays. Piotr Rubik’s wife decided to boast the certificate of the older daughter of Helenka, who finished the next class with amazing results. The girl has almost only 6 on school certificates. Helenka is good at both strict and humanistic subjects. He also has outstanding results in English and French. Only two subjects – music and physical education – were unsuccessful in getting an excellent grade.

Officially a holiday! Bravo Hela! Average 5.9. My highest average was 5.5. Tatu had a different scale, so it doesn’t count

– reveals Rubik.

Agata Rubik Instagram / @agata_rubik

Agata Rubik worried about Helenka’s education. “He falls asleep after midnight. Zero yard. Unless it’s the weekend.”

Agata Rubik showed on Instagram a photo of her elderly daughter who, tired, eats a snack on the run. Piotr Rubik’s wife admitted that she is very saddened by the fact that her daughter spends a lot of time reading books every day, and that she does her homework until late at night. It turns out that the older daughter spends more than 10 hours in front of the computer, with small breaks.

Helena is sitting in front of the computer with small breaks from 08:00 to 18:30. School lessons last until 3:30 pm, but additional courses have started in September. In the breaks he eats and reads books. He falls asleep after midnight. Zero yard. Maybe this weekend. What a time

– writes Piotr Rubik outraged.

Agata Rubik Agata Rubik reported that her daughter was sitting in front of the computer for over 10 hours a day. ‘What a time’ Instagram, screen: @agata_rubik

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