age, gender, location… According to what criteria do you pay more or less?

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It’s no secret that complementary health insurance is becoming more and more expensive for the French. According to the barometer of the comparator, the average cost of a mutual health insurance amounted to 954 euros in 2022. This represents an increase of just over 8% or the equivalent of 75 euros compared to the ‘last year.

Complementary health are more and more expensive and the French feel it, although not everyone is impacted in the same way. What to ask what criteria play in these differences in prices. Age obviously has something to do with it: it’s the young people who are doing the best. 18-24 year olds spend on average (only) 409 euros per year for their complementary health insurance.

It is then that the addition thickens. The average cost of health insurance exceeds 1,000 euros per year from the age of 45 and it explodes among those over 64, who spend nearly 1,500 euros each year. Adeline Fortesa, the commercial director at the Lynx also explains it by the care needs caused by old age. “The older we are, the more we need optics, dental… we can have hospitalizations. As a result, we will spend more. As everywhere in insurance, the rates are in line with expenses, so the more it there are expenses, the higher the tariffs.”

Men pay more on average than women

More surprisingly, men spend on average a hundred euros more than women for their mutual, because there are potentially more diseases in men. There is therefore a question of life expectancy, since women are living longer and in better health. Consequently, the risk of expenses is lower for women and the prices are therefore lower.

Finally, the place of life also plays on the final note. For example, you pay more for your health insurance in Paris than in Brittany. In question, a greater consumption of care, and more frequent overruns of fees, on the part of practitioners.

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