Age of Empires 4 has become part of higher education

University of Arizona students certainly rejoice. The university has prepared an interesting project for them, which could easily inspire the universities in our country. The local department of history, in cooperation with Microsoft, offers a very interesting way of obtaining study credits. Writing seminars is not taking place this time, the content is a bit more pleasant – playing Age of Empires 4.

However, it has a catch, in addition to playing, a little study will be needed. At the beginning of next year, students will be able to register on the official website, which will contain special teaching content for study. It will follow and historically complement all four Age of Empires 4 story campaigns. The project was taken care of by two staff members of the University of Arizona’s Department of History – Associate Professor Paul Milliman, who specializes in medieval history, and Associate Professor Alison Futrell, who specializes in Roman history. Futrell said:

“We were interested in the idea of ​​compiling lessons in a different way and with the possibility of involving the public in teaching in a really interesting way. And, of course, the involvement of a big name like Microsoft has added to its credibility, “she added. “One area of ​​my research is actually the way the past has recently been covered in various media.”

Milliman and Futrell will also appear in short videos to help her link the entire content of the campaign. After completing all the key story points in all the game’s campaigns and studying the additional material, players can complete an online assessment of what they have learned. For successful completion of this evaluation, they will receive one credit, which will be credited to their studies. However, one condition is that you own the game or have access to the Xbox Game Pass. Neither the University nor Microsoft will provide it to the students.

People outside the university will also be able to take the test at this link.

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