Age of Empires IV Review – Conclusie

I’ve played the beta too. AoE4 is awful.

I’ve been playing the age games for almost 30 years, but I think this is absolutely crappy. When Starcraft 2 came out, I thought it was the perfect upgrade to Starcraft 1. AoE2 needed exactly that upgrade and my hope was that with AoE4 we just got the same game as AoE2, but with nicer graphics and some new functions and unique civs. That’s what the community has wanted and asked for for over 20 years.

But instead of that upgrade we get a new AoE3 fiasco so to speak and the Age team now just shows that they have no idea what the community really wants!

To give some constructive arguments:
There is absolutely no logic in icons.

1. Your face is literally pressed into your Town Center and you have absolutely no overview. The zoom levels are way too close. And no way to zoom out further? In AoE2, one of the big complaints has always been that you couldn’t zoom out far enough, but in AoE4 you are now at almost 40% of the zoom level that you had in AoE2.
WHAT WHERE THEY THINKING? That is simply not possible in an RTS!

2. Nothing is recognizable because of the overload of icons with the same color and their simplistic designs. Where in AoE2 you just immediately saw a Mill, you now have to find out which of the many icons is a Mill.

3. To delete something you have to HOLD delete for 5 SECONDS?!!!! Are they crazy?

4. Quick walling, Tower Rush, Forward Castle all the fun elements from AoE2 are simply gone! In fact, units can walk through trees so you always play an Arabia game in AoE4, so to speak (without protection around you and fixed routes that one has to go through to reach someone)

5. They have moved away from the grid system to a free form. Exactly what nobody wanted. We wanted an RTS that worked the same as AoE 2, StarCraft2, or even a They Are Billions. Free Shape and over designed 3D shape is exactly what the community didn’t want!

6. Geen map editor, Mods

7. NO CUSTOM HOTKEYS! How can you offer a new game and release almost 60% less hotkeys than previous versions. An AoE2 player cannot transfer his hotkeys in this game now.

8. All the fun Taunts are gone and no new ones. So the most unique thing about Age of Empires is gone!

9. Maybe more subjective than the other points but the build order and start “bread & butter” is definitely not as much fun as it was in AoE2. 2 houses, Looking for sheep, Scouting with both your scout and your sheep, BOAR Luren (I personally think the best part of the start) and stealing sheep. Now you can no longer steal sheep if they follow your scout and a boar is no longer relevant in the game. Oddly enough, it is no longer an early wild animal but late because you can’t kill it with 6 villagers and it spawns quite far from you.

10. Simply no overview in this game. Even after playing 40 games in the beta and now with my gamepass subscription, I have no idea what is happening in the game. The game is overdesigned and looks too modern but it should have had classic graphics and design in a grid system, nicely zoomed out and simple building and unit designs.

11. Buildings, Castles(Keeps), Units they all look the same. I absolutely do not see a difference between buildings at a glance and I constantly lose everything. Even after 40 matches, there is no habituation. Furthermore, units of weapons and shots are very special and large and they themselves are small. They’ve exaggerated it a lot in my opinion. Arrows are huge.

My only positive thing about AoE4 is the unique civs. But the game really plays really bad and will never play with updates differently than it plays now so in my eyes the next 5 years will also be a waste of attention for this game. I really hope they soon realize how much AoE4 has failed the community and they quickly focus on AoE2 or better yet AoE5 which will be the game I and many others hoped for.

This game is absolutely not comparable to AoE2 and it certainly does not have the same elements or watch value for eSports. I therefore only see the energy and attention that they are now putting into AoE4 as a distraction from what really should be the focus.

What a jerky game and I really hope they start to see what the community really wants.

I forgot some points that are quite huge.

  • There is ALWAYS 0.4 sec delay in an action! ALL THE TIME. Units never respond immediately!
  • No patrol option in the game. The most used function in any RTS does not exist in this game.
  • No veto system for ranked and Social games!
  • No Replay function!
  • No Pause Function
  • Archers who never miss arrows? Why? So Micro is useless?
  • Terrain height differences are very special when you want to build
  • Unit hitboxes are too small and unclickable
  • Building hitboxes are bigger than the building itself so if a unit is right next to it you can’t click it.
  • NO SHIFT FUNCTION FOR MORE UNITS OR MORE BUY/SELL when you click on units. So you have to click 20 times if you want to queue 20 units instead of 4 times.
  • You can’t turn off Relic win
  • Sounds from buildings and Units are horrible and not iconic. (That has nothing to do with habituation, it is simply not recognizable)
  • No feedback on right click(No sound on right click)
  • Layout cannot be changed in any way. I want my overview to be completely different, but I can’t change anything. At the top you have no information, all the information is at the bottom and that is too much.

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