Age of Empires IV review

It is a game where you go back in time, can fight with elephants and save units. And where you can go to war with different civilizations. Then you know enough right? Of course we can only talk about one game here. And that’s Age of Empires 4. And we played it. We’re going to talk to you about it briefly. How’s the game? Is it fat? How are the different modes? And of course it has enough innovation. With the final question: Should you buy it, is it something for the budget box or will we have to demolish it? You can see it all in the short review of Age of Empires 4.

Which civilizations did we battle in Age of Empires 4?

The first game of this illustrious RTS series came out in 1997. And that has been 24 years ago. Even for the existence of Gamekings. Now part 4 has been released. So it’s high time we talked about it. Does the game bring enough innovation? And how are the different concepts of the game worked out? Is it more fun to play the single player, the skirmish mode or the multiplayer? We will also briefly discuss the different civilizations. Which one can you play? And which ones felt the best?

Buy, budget box or demolish?

Does Age of Empires 4 bring so much innovation that you should play it anyway? Is the excellent quality of part 2 back and is it a true tribute to a legendary series? Or is it a good thing that the game also comes out on the Game Pass Ultimate? Should you spend your hard-earned cash on it or just wait for the game to hit the budget bin? Or is it, unfortunately for the developer, a better idea to just stick with the earlier parts? Part 2 in particular is fantastic. You see and hear it all in the short review of Age of Empires IV.