‘agenais : a social movement wins the retirement home

‘agenais : a social movement wins the retirement home


The employees of the retirement home, The Bourdette to Astaffort, participated in the national strike on Tuesday, in the aim of pointing to the local issues within the institution in support of older people.

José Da Silva, a trade union representative Unsa Santé-Sociaux, is mounted to the niche to denounce ” a malaise deep staff that does not date from today. The threats of sanctions are a burden on the employees concerning the professional confidentiality and the health status of the residents “.

Working for the weekend

Among the problems identified, the workforce. “For example, in the morning for the care of 74 residents with nursing, six persons are provided for. But there are rather five the majority of the time to ensure the toilet, assistance with breakfast, make the beds and dress them up. Some changes may therefore be late “, stressed José.

” By the way, the health aides, who do need to be available to work one weekend out of two, actually make it three weekends in a row frequently, which causes stops diseases and leads to reminders of personal leave. A downward spiral for the employees. “

” employees volunteer to work the weekend because Sunday is better paid, ” says his side the deputy director Hélène Sorina, wishing to clarify that only three strikers were reported during the advocacy day and that a minimum service could be provided. As to the number of holders, which would be less than the number of xed-term contracts and assisted contracts, the manager admits that the contracts for the future allow the input of numbers . “It is we who are teaching them, some spend the assistance of aides, and then sign fixed-term contracts. “

” We’re subject to the number of 42 jobs which cannot be exceeded “, concludes Alain Garbay, director of the long-term care-public Astaffort.

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