Agents carry out joint efforts in Gurupi to look for Aedes aegypti outbreaks; see schedule | Tocantins

Actions to combat the Aedes aegypti mosquito, which transmits dengue and other diseases, are being intensified in Gurupi, in the southern region of the state. According to the Municipal Health Department, care at this time of year should be even greater since rainwater can accumulate in containers.

To prevent cases, agents of endemic diseases carry out joint efforts with inspections in houses and empty lots. The action “Xô Aedes” began this Friday (29) in the Jardim das Palmeiras sector. The city hall informed that, until December, a neighborhood will be covered by the joint effort every week. See the schedule below.

Housewife Valda Pereira received the visit. She already had dengue and takes care of the yard to avoid new diagnoses in the family. “Only those who have had dengue are the ones who know. I had dengue a long time ago, but it wasn’t because of my backyard, no. I always kept it that way,” he said.

Endemic agents increase visits to Gurupi in search of Aedes aegypti outbreaks

In 2020, 201 dengue cases were confirmed in Gurupi. This year there are 50 notifications and, so far, 17 have been confirmed.

To keep the numbers down, the community needs to collaborate. “Our service is not done alone, we need partnerships. We ask the community, look at their yards, take care of their yards so that we can minimize cases of dengue. I also ask that they receive our agents,” said Maria José Ferreira, endemic coordinator of Gurupi.

Schedule “Xô Aedes”

  • Novo Horizonte Sector – 11/05/
  • Clover Beach – 11/12
  • Industrial City – 11/19
  • Agroindustrial Park – 11/26
  • Canadian Sector – 12/3
  • Santa Rita Sector – 12/10

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