The Cairo Criminal Court, which was held in the fifth assembly, was sentenced to five years in prison for fraud in official papers to enable the apartment.

The judgment was issued under the chairmanship of Counselor Jamal Abu Talib and the membership of the advisors Taha Azim, Walaa Wajdi Taher, and the Secretariat of the secret of Mohammed Abdul Aziz.

Investigations by the Public Prosecutor's Office revealed that the accused Nabil H, unemployed in collaboration with a good faith officer, committed a fraud in an editor, a telephone service contract for a joint stock company, in which the State contributes a share. And used that contract by submitting it to the Public Prosecution to issue an empowerment decision.

According to the investigation, the defendant committed a forgery in an editor of one person to prove contrary to the fact that he was the tenant of the apartment. The deceased owner of the apartment, Mahmood Ahmad, died before the contract was released, and he used it for a joint stock company knowing that the contract was fraudulent.

The police of ancient Egypt arrested the accused and admitted what he did in the incident, and released the necessary record.


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