Agnieszka from “Wedding at First Sight” recalls giving birth

Agnieszka Łyczakowska-Janik and Wojtek Janik from “The Wedding at First Sight” have been parents since January 4. Their daughter Antosia was born that day. The happy mother told about the course of childbirth and the first days of motherhood.

Agnieszka and Wojtek from “Wedding at First Sight” became parents

Agnieszka Łyczakowska-Janik from “Wedding at First Sight” published a recording in which she told about her childbirth. At the outset, she admitted that she missed recording vlogs, but the presence of little Antosia in her life means that she has much less time for it. In the film, holding a sleeping baby on her lap, she talked about the first days of a newly minted mother.

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She stated that her life changed 180 degrees, but motherhood is the most wonderful thing that has happened to her. As she assured, she is prepared for many months of sleepless nights and new responsibilities.

Agnieszka from “Wedding at First Sight” talks about her childbirth

On Sunday, January 2, Agnieszka was walking with her relatives in the park in Wieliczka, hoping that such activities would speed up childbirth. She really wanted to be on duty for her favorite doctor. The next day, Monday, her waters broke. She was so composed that she managed to sit down with her parents at the table and eat the soup. While waiting for Wojtek, who was organizing a replacement at work, she gave herself an enema and made sure that everything was packed. She was convinced that it was not yet the moment that she would be sent home, because nothing was really happening. It turned out that there was a dilatation, the waters broke and we should stay in the hospital and wait for the further development of the situation.

During the night there were contractions – every 5-6 minutes for 20 seconds, which Agnieszka wrote down on the phone. In the recording, she expresses her great gratitude to her dula (a woman supporting a pregnant woman), who accompanied her all the time and supported her very much.

– I do not regret Wojtek was not there. It was wonderful to have this dula with you, she said. Agnieszka emphasized the enormity of the pain that accompanies giving birth to a child, even despite the anesthesia. The whole push lasted 2 hours.

I gave birth standing, sitting, kneeling, crouching, on a ball, leaning against the bed. I tried everything and thought that I could not do it

The midwife and dula motivated and supported her very much. The total duration of the delivery was 15 hours. Agnieszka assured that despite what she could bear during childbirth, she wanted to have a second child.

After giving birth, the hormone storm was more of a problem for her than the physical pain. She was irritable and afraid it was the beginning of postpartum depression, but after a week it all calmed down.

Main photo source: Tomasz Urbanek/East News